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Pako Litto strives to respect the environment by using manufacturing processes that
reduce the number of treatments, dyes and washes performed on the clothes.

Our short term production environment allows us to avoid overproduction and overstocking,
as we manufacture throughout the season and cuts and dyes are made according to the orders
the margin is therefore very low.

In addition, the brand uses artisanal and more ecological treatment processes.


100% of the collection is made in Italy, we favor short circuits in all stages of our production. 

This choice allows us to reduce our carbon footprint since all our collections are transported by road; moreover, the Italian production ensures us a particular know-how. Indeed, we have at heart to offer quality and sustainable products at a fair price.

Some themes, such as the "Soft Cashmere" of our winter collections, are even in very short circuits since all the actors of the manufacturing, from the spinning to the assembly, are located in a restricted perimeter in Italy.


The materials we use are mainly natural (over 78%), carefully selected, preferably labeled and sometimes organic; when we use materials such as polyester we choose it preferably recycled and Lenzing Ecovero® has replaced our classic viscose.

We choose our raw materials as close as possible to reduce our carbon footprint and favor road transport.

We also favor recycling fabrics and raw materials to create new themes or accessories, for example, we use leftover fabrics to make our totes bags.

Pako Litto is a guarantee of quality, thanks to the materials we choose, our clothes are timeless and designed to last and this will hopefully push you to consume less and better.

Labels and certifications

In an ecological approach for the environment, at Pako Litto, we are committed to using materials from eco-responsible productions, labeled, respectful of nature and manufacturers. Our Spring Summer 2022 collection has certifications and 6 labels:

  • GOTS: Guarantees the organic nature of textiles

  • GRS: Guarantees recycled textiles with respect to environmental and social criteria.

  • OEKO TEX: Ensures that the fabric does not contain chemicals that are harmful to health.

  • ECOTEC: Yarns from recycled raw materials, circular economy allowing energy and water savings and a reduction of the greenhouse effect. GRS / OEKO TEX certified...

  • ECOLIFE: 100% eco-friendly yarns, saving 3485L of water per kg, GRS / OEKO TEX certified...

  • LENZING ECOVERO: Ecological material produced with wood pulp. Processing according to strict standards imposed by the EU Eco Label, to ensure that it is environmentally friendly

Recycle / Reuse

In our responsible approach we strive to recycle as much as possible our stocks of fabrics and raw materials.

We reuse leftover or unused materials to create new lines, for example, this season, the mottled fleece theme was created entirely from leftover fabrics. We also use fabric scraps to create linings or totes bags.

Archives: We give a second life to old collections, available each season in the Archives category of our website with discounts ranging from -30 to -50%.

We also offer private sales at the head office each season, where we sell our prototypes and old stocks at purchase price.

Let's look
to the future