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Two worlds, one vision: a clothing brand meets a winery

Publié le : 2023-08-25 15:00:00

Two worlds, one vision: a clothing brand meets a winery

In a world where environmental preservation and product sustainability are becoming essential concerns, Pako Litto does its utmost to turn to the most responsible production methods and raw materials possible. We are also keen to collaborate with inspiring companies in the field of eco-responsibility. So we set off to meet a winery and its owners, who care about the environment and the quality of their products. A clothing brand and a winery, very different sectors but with shared values.


Vignoble cassis, avec collection coton organique Pako Litto


Since our creation, we have been committed to using certified materials and to producing 100% of our collections in Italy. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint by transporting our production by road to our warehouse in Cassis, just 600km from our production plants. Pako Litto is a brand that we continue to grow and improve every day to offer you the best quality. By placing ethics and eco-responsibility at the heart of our values, we ensure that our business has a minimal environmental impact. Our collections are designed in Cassis, in the image of the vineyards of the Domaine du Bagnol, located in the same town, not far from the brand's headquarters.

The winery we worked with is a family-run vineyard with a Provencal character, offering quality products and a unique, artisanal approach, and that's what seduced us about this exceptional place. These landscapes that take us on a journey, these unique colors, and yet they're all on the same Provencal soil.


Total look blanc sweat et jogging en coton confortable Look couleur brique jogging sport élégant


In the same spirit, we've created the Coton Organique collection, inspired by the colors of Provence and the vineyards of Cassis. An infinite palette of flavors, but also of colors.

The Coton Organique collection has been imagined in the most natural fabrics possible, made from 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton, gentle on the skin and absolutely comfortable.

Soft, flared shapes, harmonious colors in harmony with nature and the vineyards of Cassis.




Vignoble Cassis lieu exceptionnel