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How was the Organic Cotton collection created?

Publié le : 2023-09-05 15:00:00

How was the Organic Cotton collection created?

The Coton Organique collection evokes the beauty of the natural world around us, that of Cassis, a small corner of paradise situated between Cap Canaille and its vineyards on the hills. It's in the heart of this natural setting that Pako Litto's ideas have taken shape since the very beginning. This location reflects the brand's deep attachment to its roots. The Organic Cotton collection is based on timeless pieces in pure colors and shapes.

The meaning of colors in the Organic Cotton collection:



The color of cotton evokes softness, lightness and comfort. A natural, simple and timeless color. 


natural color
camel color



Camel, a warm color inspired by the arid earth of midsummer, a nude tone to create contrast in the color range of this collection. 




Brick red evokes the color of the rocks of the famous Cap Canaille in Cassis. An orange-red that shines brightly at sunset, when the sun's rays reveal its vivid red color. 


Red color
green color



Olive gold, the color of Provencal vines, reminds us of a soothing place on the Mediterranean coast




Navy blue, an elegant, timeless color, looks great paired with soft, neutral colors


Navy color

Black color



Black, a sober, distinguished color, a real basic to have in your wardrobe. 



Carefully selected materials

At Pako Litto, the quality of our materials is essential. That's why we've designed the "Organic Cotton" collection from GOTS-labeled cotton. This cotton is flamed or embossed depending on the piece, giving a wider choice of different textures to match.


Coton 100% organique labelisé, qualité Penderie avec sweat camionneur nouvelle collection Pako Litto


Timeless cuts

Each year, the basics of this collection are revisited with freshness and offered in new colors. New items are also introduced to help you find the perfect outfit.

By designing quality timeless pieces, we offer every woman the chance to keep these pieces for many years, always enjoying wearing them year after year.


Débardeur et jogging couleur naturel Look couleur camel avec pull